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Community Space for Innovative and Visionary Startups!

What we are doing:

Supporting Tech Startup Community

Startberry is a perfect spot for Tech or Business Meetups, where people meet together to talk, explore, teach, support and turn their ideas into reality. At Startberry we are holding regular networking events where Members are encouraged to bring friends to extend the network.

Hackathons and Workshops

Here at Startberry, we are hosting workshops, hackathons and hackfests in order to help developers, makers, designers come together to learn and build something cool.

Mentoring Sessions & Office Hours

Our Members can also take advantage of our key partners' services to gain further support for their growing business. Any Member can consult the project with leading experts, engineers, investors and industry specialists and get valuable advice on technology, business, sales, law, finances, marketing, HR, etc.

Partners Acceleration Programs & Product Days

Here at Startberry we are hosting our Partners’ Acceleration Programs, including Acceleration launches, Program sessions and Demo Days. Every Member of the Community are able to book Startberry event space for its product launch, and leverage Startberry network to invite media, investors, potential clients to the launch.

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