23 April
6:30 PM-9:00 PM
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@Open Space

ANIMAL Computer Interaction

As designers, we create solutions which are focused on people's needs.

But does design always have to be human-centric? What if we focus on a dog, a cat, or even...hmm a cow?

We cordially invite you to come to this meetup and join the talk about designing technologies for animals. During the presentations (which will be held in Polish), you will learn about Animal-Computer Interaction. A few interesting case studies are meant not to bore you with too much theory, e.g. the project of an interspecies tablet-based game. One thing is certain, a lot will be said about animals and their needs!

The icing on this cake will include a presentation of our VR application "Like a dog". We have created a tool, which helps you enter the head of a user, one which is not human.

We welcome designers, researchers, behaviourists, dog trainers, cat and dog owners and anyone interested to attend.


Olga Bańka - Design Research at Value Blended

Educated zootechnician and psychologist, experienced researcher and designer.
This mix of competencies allows Olga to work in the field of Animal-Computer Interaction. Like many animals she works in a pack - she prefers to be a part of a team. She sometimes has crazy ideas which she likes to use to inspire others.

Paweł Ruszlewski - Chief of Innovation at Value Blended

IT Engineer, UI/UX designer, passionate about the agile philosophy, lecturer. He explores the fields of use for immersive technologies at the Value Blended Virtual Reality lab. Always positive, full of energy, eagerly steps into any commercial project as well as those which take place on the borderline between technology and science.
One thinks you will never hear from Paweł: "this cannot be done".
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