5 November
10:00 AM-6:00 PM
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Blockchain use cases: Liberland & Experty

Next Wicked Crypto Meteup is on the way! Just admit that you missed us :)
This time we will host two amazing speakers who will tell us:

1. How to run a country using blockchain ?
2. About Calls powered by cryptocurrency. Impressively successful polish ICO.


18:30-18:40 Introduction
18:40-19:20 Vit Jedlicka -How to run a country using blockchain?
19:20-19:40 Short Break
19:40-20:20 Kamil Przeorski - Experty, a practical blockchain Dapp for knowledge exchange
20:20 Networking in Startberry and …let’s go to the bar - Kopytko:
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